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Artist Chat with HEC-TV

April 8, 2021

HEC-TV visits with artists Abigail Lowe and Malaika Tolford about their exhibition Treasure & Tarnish: Heinrich Schliemann & the Age of Heroes

For roughly a century Heinrich Schliemann was known as “the father of archeology,” but a career of fabrications and falsehoods left his once sterling reputation tarnished. In “Treasure & Tarnish: Heinrich Schliemann & The Age Of Heroes,” the newest art exhibit at Craft Alliance, Malaika Tolford and Abigail Lowe use Schliemann’s life and work to explore the power of myth in the pursuit of truth.The content of this exhibit ranges from beautifully detailed drawings to meticulously crafted ceramic pieces representing the artifacts this early archeologist claimed were from the lost city of Troy. Whether a visitor is interested in art, history, anthropology, or literature, there is something here to pique their curiosity.

This exhibit continues through May 22, 2021.

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