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Reflection Tea: Tea Stories

January 21, 2022

Artists in Reflection Tea: 18th Biennial Teapot Exhibition spill the tea and share their stories and experiences around tea.

Craft Alliance’s Reflection Tea: 18th Biennial Teapot Exhibition investigates contemporary ideas around tea culture. Serving tea has a long history through many world cultures. What sets Reflection Tea apart from other teapot shows is the unique tea story that artists have contributed, which you can read in a booklet accompanying the exhibition. This allows their influences and histories to become equally as important as their artworks. Each artist brings with them a story, a journey, which at some point inspired their creations. Ultimately, tea culture is about being present in the moment and taking the time to be aware of all the elements in the process of serving tea.

It is our hope that Reflection Tea is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the artists by way of the stories that they share. Spend time with the beautiful crafted objects and be present. A hearty congratulations and thank you to all the artists for graciously accepting the invitation and the very best to their future teapot endeavors. Gratitude to artist Eric Serritella, who in addition to contributing his beautiful works to the exhibition will be leading a tea ceremony. Finally, thank you to Craft Alliance for continuing to support the art of the teapot and all who are inspired by its form and history.

Fong Choo, Curator

Click here to read the artist's tea stories.