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St. Louis Magazine Features Strange Familiars

September 19, 2022

Frankie Toan's new exhibition at Craft Alliance welcomes visitors into a "Queer Garden"

In Craft Alliance’s new exhibition Frankie Toan: Strange Familiars, larger-than-life plant sculptures tower over viewers, a 12-foot-long plush arm protrudes off the wall, and a twinkling portal hangs from the ceiling.

The installation, created by Denver-based fiber artist Frankie Toan, will be on view in the Staenberg Gallery from September 16 through October 29. Strange Familiars hosts a body of work cultivated by Toan over the course of six years. Its neon prints, whimsical shapes, and warped sense of scale constitute what Toan describes as a “Queer Garden”—a space that upends Western ideas of beauty and normativity.

“To me, the 'Queer Garden' is this way to imagine a different hierarchy of relationships,” Toan says. “It’s moving away from the human-centered idea of the world and into this reminder that everything is connected.”

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