Monday, July 1, 2019 to Monday, December 30, 2019

Jeffrey Hornung's artistic career started in St. Louis in the mid 1980’s. The family business was ceramics and he learned everything from casting to firing over the course of 10 years. After that Hornung was a retail florist, working and studying to be a Master Floral Designer where he spent 24 years. For the last 6 years Hornung has been a wood turner, the last 3 have been full time. He also works as a woodturning demonstrator, both national and international, as well as a woodturning teacher. He has also been a studio chair at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design.

Artist Statement

The wooden vessel…this is an object that has helped define the human condition since the dawn of time. It is also where my creative journey begins.

My current style embraces texture, color and embellishing processes that allow me to transform a traditional vessel into an inspired art piece. Pushing the limits of a natural wood bowl to the point where you think it’s ceramic or bronze is part of my creative fun.

The goal of this body of work is to use art products and techniques not normally associated with woodworking and create the illusion of water, magma or aged metal. Experimentation and research are allowing me to show the turned bowl as an art form and not simply functional craft. I believe the possibilities are now limitless and look forward to continued exploration outside of the box (bowl).