Friday, September 2, 2016 to Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reed Fagan graduated with a Masters of Fine Art at State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz, and received a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art and Mathematics from Skidmore College. Reed then continued at SUNY New Paltz as an Adjunct Professor and Instructor of Record, teaching courses in metals and drawing. Outside of the classroom, Reed has worked in the fashion industry, making jewelry for large retailers and smaller designers. He continues to show work in the New York region, including at the Sasselin Art Gallery in Saratoga Springs. Most recently, he has displayed work in Boston, Milwaukee, Finland, and Germany.

Artist Statement

In a world increasingly overcome by analytics and abstractions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp some of the new problems revealed by mathematics and science. Humans have an innate desire to learn and categorize phenomena, and every year cutting edge science is discovering hidden gems in the multiverse, quantum, and theoretical realms. Although these discoveries are monumental, they are increasingly abstract and distant. One of the byproducts of these discoveries is a beautiful form language lost in the dense notes of these academic papers discussing the relevance and importance of these findings.

I look to use the medium of craft as a bridge between the abstract realms of Euclidean, isometric, and quantum space and the physical realm. I work using mostly silversmithing techniques to make these abstract shapes into vessel objects that have, historically, been fetishized as objects of status. Silver hollowware, in particular, has had a special symbolic and utilitarian place in Western society. By creating seductive objects that suggest interaction, not only do I question the functionality of vessel objects, but I look to memorialize and ritualize new discoveries in science and mathematics that are silently shaping our understanding of the universe.