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The Artists-In-Residence program supports emerging and mid-career craft artists who want to develop their art in a collaborative, community-based art center. This residency encourages artists to explore new ideas and further develop their studio practice in craft.

For over 15 years, the Craft Alliance Artist-in-Residence program has given early-career artists engaging with craft the space and professional support to build their practice through teaching opportunities, studio access, material, and professional development stipends, and exhibition and programming opportunities. For the past 50 years, Craft Alliance has been a center for craft education in the St. Louis region, providing adult and youth education in 6 studio areas, exhibiting national and regional craft artists, and creating accessible programs for local schools. Craft Alliance invites up to three artists to participate in a 11 month program that begins in September 2022 and ends in July 2023. Artists share a private studio and have access to Craft Alliance's six main studio areas outside of class; receive a monthly materials stipend and professional development reimbursement fund; tuition waivers for workshops per session; teaching and other professional development opportunities; and a culminating group exhibition in Craft Alliance Staenberg Gallery.

Early career, self-directed artists who are interested in creating and working in a community based organization should consider applying. The ideal resident is able to work independently but enjoys being connected and works well with a larger team and community. Artists should be interested in taking advantage of educational opportunities, classes, and programs in an active craft center to augment their experience. Craft Alliance is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse crafts community in St. Louis. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and artists with diverse and non-traditional backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The 2021-2022 Artist-In-Residency program is funded, in part, by The Whitaker Foundation.

For additional questions please contact: Grant Benoit, Director of Education,


Is the studio furnished?

The Artist-In-Residency studio contains a six-foot table for each AIR with separate shelving for storage. The studio also has a sink. AIRS should bring provide their own specialized tools. A wheel/bench/loom can be provided.

Do I pay for rent or utilities?

No. The residency covers those costs. Specific materials needed for the personal work is the AIRs responsibility. AIRS may be asked to pay a material fee for the classes they take or discounted clay. Artists-In-Residence pay a refundable studio deposit of $75 at the beginning of their residency.

Can I leave the residency for an extended period of time to pursue other opportunities?

The nature of the residency, the AIR should plan on spending most of the 11 months engaging in the residency at Craft Alliance. AIRs should not plan additional longer term residencies at the same time as Craft Alliance’s residency program.

What are my obligations as a Craft Alliance Artist-In-Residence?

Craft Alliance Artist-In-Residence work up to 10 hours a week—this might be studio specific work (studio upkeep/monitor hours), program assistance, development projects, and exhibition related projects. Craft Alliance works with AIRS to tailor projects to their strengths or what AIRS hope to develop skills in. Craft Alliance works with AIRs to create a balanced schedule that works with their own outside work and studio practice.