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Sustainable Wood-Fire

Intermediate to Advanced        2 days
Experience atmospheric wood-fired pottery with Dan Barnett at his Watermark Studios in Worden IL. An atmospheric firing process (salt, soda, and wood), is the interaction of the clay surface with fusible materials that are added to the kiln during the firing process and form a glaze on the clay. Dan has developed a high efficiency, fast-fire Wood Kiln that uses a small amount of wood that is sustainably harvested from his land. The kiln is fired to temperature in 12 hours and the wood ash glazes the pottery. 

Workshop Preparation
Students to provide their own clay and create approximately twelve pieces, 8 inches in height or less. These need to be bisque fired and glazed prior to the loading of the kiln. Glazing should be limited to the inside of vessels since the outside surface of the vessels glaze as they interact with the ash. Further written instructions given upon enrollment. The kiln will be loaded on Saturday, then fired on Sunday from 8am until 10pm with participating students signing up for a 2hr shift. The kiln will slow cool for the next week, and we will unload on the following Saturday at noon. (Minimum 8, maximum 12)

$86 | members
$102 | non-members    
$20 | materials + lab fee

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