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Clay Workshops + Classes

Join us in the clay studios! Catch a workshop for a day, or stay for a full 6-week class; all program offerings are listed below.

To get more information or register for a class or workshop select from the dates available.


Teapots: Process & Form with Fong Choo

Fong Choo will teach the significance of each component; teapot body, handle, spout, and lid. Please see Fong Choo's artwork in Tea and Cookies: 17th Biennial Teapot Exhibition.

January 10, 2020

Drawing a Narrative in Clay by Molly A. Bishop

Explore how a sketchbook practice can inform you ceramic artwork. Please see Molly Anne Bishop's work in Tea and Cookies: 17th Biennial Teapot Exhibition.

February 15

Sustainable Wood-Fire Workshop

Experience an atmospheric, high-efficiency, fast wood-fire with Dan Barnett at his Watermark Studios in Worden, IL using a small amount of wood sustainably harvested from his land.


Thermofax Screen Printing

Learn the process of burning an image and creating a screen for the ceramic surface.

Glaze Application

Learn masking, spraying, dipping, and brushing for different kiln atmospheres.

Ceramic Decals and Luster

Learn how to apply luster with various brushes and apply decals to curved and flat ceramic pieces.


Surface Design in Ceramics

Refine your surface treatments and learn more about sgraffito, mishima, water-etching, slip transfers, and digital stencil design.