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Preserving Memories: Alicia Piller Workshop

Alicia Piller "Remains.Tectonic forces.Vanished seas."
Wednesday, August 11, 2021 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

This workshop takes place Aug. 11 & 18 from 6-9 pm. In this fiber and mixed media workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials. The ultimate goal is to create one or more sculptural forms that highlights an object of sentimental value. This workshop, Preserving Memory is not only about art and craft techniques, but about history, legacy, family, and self-care. Looking through the lens of my own art practice, participants will be encouraged to examine and incorporate materials around them in their immediate environment as well as in nature.

About the Artist

Los Angeles based artist, Alicia Piller envisions historical traumas, both political and environmental, through the lens of a microscope. Her sculptures and installations conceive of past atrocities, suffering, and accomplishments as biological forms–broken down to a cellular level. A variety of materials including vinyl, latex balloons, and photographs, are employed to examine the energy around wounds societies have inflicted upon themselves and others, but also give optimistic glimpses of a possible future with bright colors that show signs of life and proliferating forms that show signs of growth. Her subject matter is often informed by her studies in anthropology and her sculptural process by her time in fashion and craft making. 

Alicia Piller received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in the spring of 2019.