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Between the Lines: Bunny Burson & Roy Strassberg

Exhibition Details

Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design is proud to present Between the Lines featuring the work of Bunny Burson and Roy Strassberg. The artists work in different materials--Strassberg is a ceramist and Burson a printmaker; however, both activate the surfaces of their respective works with high energy, active lines, and graphic pattern. As first generation American Jews with family stories from this haunting time, Strassberg and Burson each pulls from their own familial memories, stories, and research of the Holocaust for thematic content of their work. Both artists use pattern, graphic lines, and desaturated palettes to form a consistent visual vocabulary. Their marks contain a raw and arresting energy. Reading between those lines, viewers may investigate the deeply personal stories that begin to rise to the surface of the works. Once pulled into this visual world of strokes and imprints we begin to encounter their stories. Lines shift, emotions arise, and unspoken truths reveal themselves.

Even today we are continually confronted with the challenges of genocide, hatred and prejudice. Through these beautiful objects, we remember that we can overcome this hate by listening to each other's stories and celebrating life. Here, marks become memories in service of tikkun olam – a Jewish concept translated as acts which might repair the world.

With much gratitude, we thank Sheila Greenbaum and Gary Wasserman, Nancy and Ken Kranzberg, JoAnn and Ted Sanditz, as well as Anabeth and John Weil of Pershing Place Foundation, for their generous support of this exhibition. Special thanks to the staff of the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center for hosting and supporting the artist talk, and thanks to Bruno David Gallery for working so graciously with us in providing Bunny Burson’s work.