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Reflection Tea: 18th Biennial Teapot Exhibition

Exhibition Details

We all come to the table with different tea traditions. Some are formalized rituals, and others are casual customs. Throughout the world, many different adaptations of drinking tea have developed, from the ceremony, to practice, and rich traditions. Sharing our tea cultures brings us together and allows us to learn from one another, strengthening our community. This exhibition invites the viewer to explore myriad ideas of tea culture.

Tea culture is about being present. We rarely carve time between the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives to be in the moment with one another. Experiencing tea with a loved one is about sharing and being patient. Each tea set assembles a group of objects that all play an important role. It is a service of gratitude and respect.

Where: Staenberg Gallery at Craft Alliance | 5080 Delmar Boulevard
When: Tues.-Sat. from 10 am - 6 pm | Thru March 25, 2022

Featured Artists

  • Elmer Lucille Allen
  • Fong Choo
  • Paveen Beer Chunhaswasdikul
  • Delores Fortuna
  • Yoshi Fujii
  • Alvin Tan Teck Heng
  • Elaine Olafson Henry
  • Hillary Kane
  • Keok Lim
  • Meira Mathison
  • Jenny Mendes
  • John Neely
  • Norleen Nosri
  • KyoungHwa Oh
  • Alison Palmer
  • Laura Peery
  • Akira Satake
  • Sam Scott
  • Yoko Sekino-Bové
  • Eric Serritella
  • Gertrude Graham Smith
  • Dallas Wooten

About the Curator

Fong Choo is a Singapore-born American studio potter and teacher. Choo graduated from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina in 1988, and in 1993 earned a BA in Business and Art at University of Louisville, Kentucky. He has been Adjunct Professor and artist-in-residence at Bellarmine University, Louisville since 1990. He established a studio in Louisville, Kentucky in 1985 and still resides there. Choo has exhibited nationally and awards include numerous national ‘Best in Shows’ and ‘Awards of Excellence’.

Presented by The Republic of Tea, the Rubin Family Foundation, David Charak, Sheila Greenbaum & Gary Wasserman, and GadellNet Consulting Services.

Tea Stories

Read about each artist's personal connection, and reflection, on tea.

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