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Fiber Workshops + Classes

Join us in the Fibers studio! Catch a workshop for a day, or stay for a full 6-week class; all program offerings are listed below.

To get more information or register for a class or workshop select from the dates available.


Small Vessels, Big Ideas

Lissa Hunter and Jo Stealey come together to teach the simple construction technique of coiling and guide you through their process to make small vessels. Check out Lissa and Jo's artwork in the upcoming exhibition Tool Stories

Piercing and Collage with Fibers

Cut, piece, and apply a variety of textiles to a fabric surface to create a one-of-a-kind collage composition!

Shibori: Tea Towels

Explore shibori techniques and indigo dyeing to create a set of four linen-cotton blend tea towels!

Needle Felting: Dogs & Cats

Learn the fun and easy process of needle felting to create a small wool dog or cat.

Cats: February 22

Wearables Series: Felt Flowers

Learn to use wet and needle felting techniques to create a beautiful felt flower!

Wearables Series: Crochet Hat

Learn crochet stitching, sizing, and patterning to create a warm, wintery hat!

January 14

Wearables Series: Infinity Scarf

Learn basic crochet techniques and stitching to create a long scarf.

February 4

Wearable Series: Silk Wrap

Explore Shibori techniques and indigo dyeing to create a beautiful, wearable silk wrap.

February 16

Shashiko Stitching & Indigo Dyeing

Learn indigo dyeing and prepare fabric for the process of shashiko stitching.

Book Making

Learn to create a sculptural handmade art book using bindings and recycled materials.

February 9

Experimental Basketry

Learn basic three-dimensional weaving techniques and take home a small basket

January 26


Surface Design: Level 1

Explore resist dyeing, batik, mono printing, fabric collage and embroidery.

February 24 – March 30

Surface Design: Patterns with Contact Paper

Explore surface design through screen printing with contact paper.

January 7 – February 11

Introduction to Papermaking

Explore papermaking and make an artist book with your own paper; learn binding and folding.

4 Scarves in 4 Weeks

Explore different techniques with each scarf such as shibori, layering textures, stitchings, screen printing, and more!

February 20 – March 12

3-D Fibers

Learn how to push a textile material into 3-D form.

February 18 – March 24

Fibers Classroom Study

This course is designed to provide instruciton in the fibers medium for any teacher or educator interested in teaching fibers to students.

>February 23 – March 29

Floor Loom Weaving

Discover the magic of weaving on a four-harness floor loom for 6 weeks!

Wednesdays 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Thursdays 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM