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Craft Alliance is in the news. Whether it be a blogger taking one of our extraordinary classes, a magazine reviewing the latest exhibition, or a local radio station highlighting one of our artists, we have collected it all here for you to check out. Read a bit about what we do, get excited, and come join us! 

Art & Soul: Mark Witzling

Maryland Heights artist Mark Witzling’s Intellectual Rigor immediately strikes the eye with its chromatic juxtaposition.

Craft Alliance Presents Works from the Studios

Stefanie Kirkland, Director of Exhibitions and Artists-in-Residence programs speaks about the student show, Works from the Studios.

Boris Bally, Artist, Activist, & Organizer of I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Peace Now

Nancy Kranzberg talks with artists, performers and movers and shakers in the arts community. Interviews cover music, visual arts, dance, literature and performance.

"IMAGINE Peace Now" Exhibition A show takes aim at gun violence - American Craft Council

The months after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 were dark days for gun-safety advocates. Congress couldn’t pass even a modest gun-safety law, despite the wholesale slaughter of first-graders and their teachers by a shooter wielding an AR-15. An air of resignation – indeed, almost a pall of despair – settled over advocates; if this couldn’t change public and political opinion, what could?

Guns into art: I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Peace Now exhibit in St. Louis -

Throughout history, artists have been at the forefront of discussion and change, including the complex issues of gun ownership and gun violence.

I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Peace Now at Craft Alliance: An Artist Look at Gun Violence

In this show curated by Boris Bally, artists from around the world share their feelings about gun violence in works featuring real disabled guns from Pittsburgh's gun buy back program.