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Craft Alliance empowers you to experience the craft of our time by exhibiting artists' work, educating all levels of students, and offering free classes and family programs.  

Who We Are

Craft Alliance is a non-profit art center in St. Louis, Missouri, working to reveal the power of craft through bold programming that uncovers craft’s unique qualities, its evolving role, and its full potential for innovation. Craft (the making of objects in woods, metals, fibers, glass, and clay) is both an ancient tradition and a site for innovation, adapting to new materials and responding to the ever-changing human experience.

Nationally recognized as one of the premier craft organizations in the country, Craft Alliance is the only organization of its kind in the region solely dedicated to contemporary craft. Craft Alliance began as a cooperative gallery in 1964. Since then, Craft Alliance has grown exponentially, with an original location in the popular Delmar Loop district and a new location in the new Maker's District coming this Fall, 2020. Craft Alliance offers exhibitions, classes in craft techniques, artist residencies, free community programs, and a gallery shop.