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Rentals and Parties

Host your next party or meeting at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design in the Delmar Loop or Grand Center! We offer options for both adults and children—from cocktail or shopping parties to hands-on activities.


It’s time for a party! We think the best parties are the ones where everyone can get their hands dirty making something cool. Whether it’s a kids' party or a group of adults looking for some creative fun, whether you are interested in tie-dye or playing with fire, we can help make you make a memorable event where guests get to take home their own handmade creations.


Children (Ages 4-15)

$20 per child, up to 10 children. Each party is two hours and will be led by two Craft Alliance instructors. Art activities will be completed within one hour, and the rest of the time can be for cake and fun!

Ages 4+

  • Fabric Crayon and Marker T-shirts - Kids can go wild as they create t-shirts using transfer methods with fabric crayons and markers!
  • Creative Pinch Pots - Each guest will learn how to craft a beautiful pinch pot with clay. Use color and texture for that finishing touch!

Ages 6+

  • Polymer Clay Party - Children will design magnets or figurines of fun creatures and characters with polymer clay! Choose a Space theme to create astronauts, aliens and spacecrafts, or a Fantasy theme with princesses, fairies, and dragons.
  • Personalized Clay Door Sign - Each child will make a personalized tile to decorate a room or door!

Ages 8+

  • Tie Dye T-Shirt - Each child will create their own colorful tie-dye t-shirt with this modern version of an ancient technique. Create colorful patterns on cloth by tying, folding, crumpling, or stitching, then dying the fabric. It's fun & easy--a perfect party activity!
  • From Photo to T-Shirt (Grand Center only) - Using photos taken during the party, guests can make an iron-on transfer and create their own t-shirt designs!

Ages 10+

  • Clay Tile Wall-Hanging - Each child will make a personalized tile to decorate a room or door!
  • Metal Cuff Bracelets - Guests will have fun creating unique jewelry in the Metals Studio. Pound out hammered metal cuff bracelets, then add texture to create your own unique piece of jewelry.

Teens & Adults (16+)

$30 per person, up to 10 people (unless otherwise noted). Each party is up to 3 hours and will be led by two Craft Alliance teachers.

  • Metal Cuff Bracelets - Have fun creating unique jewelry in the Metals Studio. Pound out hammered metal cuff bracelets then add texture to create your own unique piece of jewelry.
  • Metal Wine Glass Charms (21+) - It’s a date to create--everyone in your party will personalize a wine glass with a unique metal stem sculpture! Why not bring some wine to enjoy?
  • Tie Dyed Silk Scarf - Try your hand at creating a work of art on a silk scarf, using a simple indigo dyeing technique.
  • Clay Tile Wall-Hanging - Learn basic hand-building techniques to create your own clay tile.
  • Raku Party (Delmar only) - Surprise your guests with an evening of sparks with this ancient Japanese firing tradition! Our ritual of Raku includes a vessel for each guest to decorate and then transform in the night fire. Add your own refreshments and make it an evening to remember. ($35 per guest. Minimum of 5, maximum of 20 people.)
  • Pyro Party (Delmar only)  - Experience both the Glass and Metals Studios with a Pyro Party! Guests can visit both studios, where instructors will teach them to make glass beads and copper cuff bracelets. Add your own appetizers or buffet, and treat your guests to fun, food, and fire! (Minimum fee $600 for 30 guests; $10 for each additional guest, up to 50 participants. $150 deposit required.)
  • Glass Beads, Marbles, and Flowers (Delmar only) - This is a terrific opportunity for adults to get together for a small group activity or a totally unique theme party. Using hot glass techniques, you will choose to learn how to make beads, marbles, flowers, and more! We invite you to turn your imagination loose. ($35 per guest. Minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 participants.)
  • Studio Hop (Grand Center only) - Can’t decide on just one medium for your party? Go studio hopping! You and your guests can spend time in each of two studios—clay, metal or fiber—and create a work of art in each medium. We’ll help you choose two fun projects, plus provide professional instruction, all materials and equipment. ($35 per guest. Minimum of 8 and maximum of 16 participants.)


Gallery & Studio Rentals

Standard rental pricing for both Grand Center Common Area and Delmar Galleries is $150.00 per hour. There is a maximum rental of 4 hours, including set up and break down time. No rentals are to run past midnight. There is a $100.00 late fee for staying past the agreed rental time. Two gallery attendants will be present at the event.



8 tables (3’x6’) and 20 plastic chairs are available for use. Outside rentals of tables, chairs and sound equipment are allowed.



Artist demonstrations are priced at $75 per studio.



Kranzberg Arts Center is the preferred caterer at Grand Center, but patrons are welcome to use their own caterer. Catering staff is required to do a walk-through with Grand staff before the event.

Policies & Prices

A $75 non-refundable deposit is due two weeks in advance of a party. Pyro Parties require a $150 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due two business days before rental or party. Craft Alliance does not supply cutlery, decorations, food, or invitations.

Book your next party or meeting!

(Tell us more about the type of gathering you want to host, and the date. A Craft Alliance staff member will contact you to discuss details and payment.)