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Craft on The SPOT

Craft Alliance creates specialized programming in collaboration with a variety of community partners such as Oasis, BJC Health, Kingdom House, the Dream Center, and The SPOT (Supporting Positive Opportunities with Teens).

Craft on The SPOT, presented by PNC Arts Alive, is a collaboration with The SPOT, a center providing social service and health interventions for at-risk youth (many homeless). Bi-monthly drop-in craft sessions provide social engagement, creative expression, and a sense of accomplishment (all tied to the counseling principles of The SPOT).

“As a social worker I find that it’s hard to find activities to refer my clients to that are dependable and allow them to focus on themselves for a couple of hours.  The partnership with Craft Alliance has allowed youth to spend some time examining their creative side while taking a break from the daily stressors they encounter.  It is great to see youth’s attitude and facial expressions change as Elsie interacts with them and assists them with creating something different every time she comes in.  There is always a freedom in how the youth are able to interact and Elsie supports them in whatever way she can. Some of the comments we hear often are “I haven’t done this since I was a child” or “I always wanted to make jewelry, but never had the opportunity”. Thank you for the opportunity to allow our youth new experiences and a little self-care time." Liz McQuaid, prevention case manager at The SPOT.

Craft on The SPOT is funded by PNC Arts Alive.

If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can collaborate with Craft Alliance, please contact